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My finished classroom photos. 

Left-to-right, top-to-bottom, we have: 

Boring shot of SmartBoard with a math terms miniposter I made

Main dry erase board with model binders and notebooks, wash cloth with magnets in the corners to erase the board, various posters and magnets

Word wall, notebook crate, dry erase markers. The pawprints above my door have the behavior expectations on them- Honest, Excellence, Attitude, Respect, and Teamwork

My self-check post it note stoplight, bookshelf of student supplies, class data board (telling them 40% of the class did the homework is never as effective as watching a line graph of their progress), and my beautiful calculator holder.

Reading corner, with pillows, a library sign out sheet and decor. Also, my “Can’t stop the awesome” board for work I know the kids tried hard one. 

Learning target board. The red clips around it will hold the CCSS standard. The papasan below it was only $5 and my mom made a cover out of a $1 table cloth! The bigger dry erase board is my Wall of fame- anyone who gets an A gets their name on the board (unless they ask otherwise). 

Right side of the board is the Git er done board. Because we allow 3 tries on each summative and require a retake if a student fails, it gets hairy trying to sort out who needs what. This board is for the students to remember that they have to stay after and work on something for me. The green books are my math consumable texts, the box on the side of the cabinet is for picking up weekly papers, and the reddish file folders have reading graphic organizers students can pick up whenever they need. 

This picture is mostly proof that I managed to clean off my computer counter. That particular computer is dead, with no hope of resuscitation. Also, more graphic organizers. 

Quote on the wall that I really like, plus the math and LA non-negotiables, which are required for any paper to be graded, plus a mini-poster of women who shaped computer science as we know it. 

My iPad station, with sign out sheet, plus various and sundry professional resources that I haven’t managed to cram into my blue cabinet. No, I don’t know where that cow originated, that is the magic of teaching.

Communications center- where I keep the class mailboxes, phone, printer, etc. My microwave is under the blue fabric. That pink box was a gift from my coteacher- it houses all my binders that I need nearly every day (meeting binder, student info binder, RTI binder, math resources, LA resources, etc). The net thing to the left of my monitor is a shower organizer. My redecorated mail caddy is to the right of my monitor.

The last picture is just an overall picture of my classroom, as best as I could get one. My room is very square so I couldn’t get more than 60%. here you can see that my chairs match Ernie’s sweater on Sesame Street, but at least this year they are all the same shape so we can stack them. 

Feel free to ignore this if you saw my before pictures- only minor changes have occurred.

Pro tip for the firsties: if you want to take pictures of your room, do it before any students step foot in the door. As much time as you put into your room, it will not look the same after day 1. 

AND PS- this is an 8th grade math/ELA classroom. Which is a weird combo to decorate for. 

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