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Question for the veteran teachers out there.

I am having a hard time wrapping my head around fitting all those awkward 8th grade bodies in my room, with 6 tables that aren’t the same size, and the most ridiculously mis-matched student chairs ever (some are awesome 1960s mustard yellow!). I am thinking maybe I’ll lower my tables to half-height and nix the chairs in favor of sit-upons or carpet samples. 

Do you have experience in getting rid of classroom chairs/desks?

How did it go for you? Any tips, aside from practice how you sit at a table with no chair?

(I feel I should add: most of the time, when students ask to work on the floor, I oblige. We do a lot of stretched out on the floor reading, sprawled over the tiles writing, and scrunched into a corner discussing. This usually goes pretty well. I just worry about the direct instruction bits.)

And to keep the reply option: ?

  1. msquiram answered: Make it like elem teachers do. Have one spot, with one procedure, for directing them to “direct instruction” time. Then practice procedure.
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    Truthfully, it’s not the chairs that are an issue- they are all within the standard size and mostly well-kept. It’s the...
  3. inteachingyouwilllearn answered: My school unfortunately has the problem of more available desks than enrolled students. No issue getting as many as I want, sadly.
  4. graelent answered: I hate the desks in my classroom too, but as a large person, sitting on carpets or some such would have been uncomfortable and humiliating.
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    Put a project up for new chairs on donors choose. Go to the website and read about it. It’s awesome! Different people...
  6. wincherella answered: We have Board directed desks and chairs and apart from the number of them, we have no choice as to what we have in the classroom.
  7. girlwithalessonplan answered: You’ll have kids laying on the floor claiming “I wanna naaaaaap.” I’m not kidding.
  8. teenakp answered: Not me, but I know someone (7th gr) who tried it. Ran into issues with disabled/injured/overweight students….something to consider?