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I need some engaging, but independent activities some of my reading students can complete while the rest of the kids catch up on work. They are getting a little burned out on independent reading while the rest of the class tries to get their grades up to passing. 

It’s 7th grade, but I can adapt from a wide range of grade levels.

Any Ideas? 

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    Have them rewrite a chapter in the point of view of the main character, or if it is already in first person, have them...
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    Try some word problem logic puzzles. Mensa makes books and flashcards and there’s a bunch floating around on the...
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    I gave my kids blank Facebook and Twitter templates to complete from the POV of their main character. Even the kids who...
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    Maybe you could have them write a page or two about anything that they want to write-about? Stephen
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    I did something like that with the juniors who were making up credits in my freshman classes last year. Everyone seemed...
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    I’ve been contemplating a similar question slash dilemma the last few days, because half of my class is going to finish...
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    Here are some brainstorms off the top of my head: 3-2-1 (learned, questions, enjoyed) Silent Dialogue Write A...
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