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Plagiarism in middle school

Hey, tumblr educators and education-minded people!

It has come to light that plagiarism is kind of a big problem at my school. What is also a big problem at my school is that we do not have a plagiarism policy. 

I know, right? It’s 2013, we are a PBIS school, and we do not have a policy for academic¬†integrity.¬†

So my questions to you are:

1. Does your school have a policy on plagiarism and academic honesty?

2. What is your (personal or school) policy on the matter?

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    Hm, maybe putting them in the driver’s seat on learning the repercussions of cheating will help. We had a 3 day miniunit...
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    Our school lets the teachers decide the consequences. Mine is a call home in which the student explains what happened...
  5. teachinginthemiddle answered: 0 on the assignment, note home to parents. happens again? issue goes to council for possible suspension/failure of course
  6. thisguyteaches answered: 1) No. 2) Automatic zero with parent contact. Student must make up assignment in morning tutorials.
  7. whirringg answered: I had to give zeros, log in powerschool, and on second offense will be detention/iss at my middle school. I have zero tolerance.
  8. ohyesjulesdid answered: We have an academic honesty policy. Infractions follow students throughout their time at the school, not just 1 year. I’ll happily share 411.
  9. enhanceandescape answered: I know it’s horrible, like what’s the big deal with bombings and shootings and suicidal teens when students are cheating on meaningless hw?
  10. melissaservinuribe answered: hey :)
  11. sweetbandnerd answered: Middle school is the time to teach and educate. We don’t have a policy. We educate and have them redo the assignment. Educate them in MS.
  12. girlwithalessonplan answered: I HATE PBIS. Yes, we do. Zero on assignment, zero on grade period, zero for class with each offense.