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I am really interested in creating online portfolios for my students next year. It is not a requirement, but I think it would be something they can show off and be proud of. Ideally, they’d be online and we’d have QR codes on the student lockers so parents could see their kid’s work when they come in.

But I am stuck on the platform. It needs to be free (duh), support pictures and text (video would be a bonus). I’d also like it to be easy enough that an 8th grader could get a minilesson on it, then be able to upload their own material. Ability to comment would be a bonus. Any suggestions?

  1. chaisquared answered: tumblr!
  2. theartguy answered: My students use Edmodo.com - it’s free, password protected, and allows for “parent accounts” so they can see student progress.
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  4. onapathtoabetterme answered: I have used Weebly and like it. Google sites are good too, I used that for a class site I had for my students.
  5. justusvstheworld answered: Carbommade.com - Free for 5 projects of 35 pictures, no videos
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    Wouldn’t a blog work? Blogger by Google, Wordpress, Tumblr, etc could work.
  7. queenofhearts579 answered: I’m a student myself actually! It sounds like a great idea as long as you give the studenstime to complete the assignments. ;0
  8. walk-like-an-atheist answered: Penzu.com. It’s an online journal that can have photos uploaded, comments, and you can create a “class” journal that all students write in.
  9. teachinginthemiddle answered: ive never used livebinder myself (other than clicking through other peoples) but i know its free for education
  10. runningrecipesramblings answered: I am volunteering with the Boys and Girls Club of Canada, and we’re helping our students develop e-portfolios on wordpress :)
  11. msleahqueenhbic answered: Weebly? You can set up a password protected site for free and have a portfolio page for each student!
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