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One of my students just messaged me on Edmodo

Just to tel me she hopes Baby Kaaay and I are well. I have the sweetest kids!

Dear hospital kitchen,

Breakfast would be amazing right now, especially since the nurse is bathing Baby Kaaay and I’d be able to eat with both hands.


Somebody got mommy’s monkey toes. She is such a relaxed baby. This was just after I woke her up by changing her diaper.

Trying to respond to tumblr messages…

But tumblr is sending the replies to the wrong person, or not giving me a box in which to type.

So, please accept this post as my hearty thanks!

enjoyingmyinsanity asked:

Congrats on the beautiful baby!

Thank you!

Anonymous asked:

To be fair, if you were that far along when you got to the hospital, barring complications, they wouldn't have given you drugs anyway. But congrats on doing it on your own, and on the baby too. Is she names for Lily Potter from the Harry Potter series?

I know my med options were limited- but that was due to a very conscious choice I made. I waited about 7 hours to go to the hospital.

And, yes, her name is partly a nod to Harry, but also a nod to The Giver, and it’s just a pretty name.

ejboldlyteaches asked:

Congratulations on the baby! and i love your blog :)

Thank you!!

Brag post is for bragging

I am stupid proud of myself for laboring naturally. I was at 6 cm when we came in, I was at 9 by the time they got me to my birthing room. I pushed for about 10 minutes and got to meet my lovely little Lily. I was able to do kangaroo care pretty much right after. All the nurses told me I made it look easy!

She’s clearly a daddy’s girl already. She likes me for feeding, but otherwise is most content in Mr. Kaaay’s arms. Which is good, because I am exhausted and she does not want to sleep tonight.

Baby Kaaay is here! 6 lb 2 oz 19.5 inches, all natural! Feast your eyes on my broken capillaries! Enjoy my tiny, perfect baby!

Baby Kaaay is here! 6 lb 2 oz 19.5 inches, all natural! Feast your eyes on my broken capillaries! Enjoy my tiny, perfect baby!


Glad I did grades yesterday!

All the district sites are having problems. I can’t access my gradebook, my eplanner, the school website, the district website….nothing. 

Bright side: I was proactive with planning, so I don’t have much left to do. I’ll jot it on paper and transfer it tomorrow.

Other bright side: We don’t have students tomorrow, so I can take care of plans during a break from our work day. 

Looking for “mammaw” and “bubbe” shirts for my mom and mother in law…

They have a surprising number of models in their 20s, as well as male models, for these grandmother T shirts. #babieshavingbabies?

Around 6 am, I woke up to the sounds of someone walking in my front door. Mr. Kaaay starts his shift at 5, so cue my panic.

I stumble out of bed, find my glasses and rub the sleep out of my eyes. I neglect to grab my phone, should I need to call 911. Didn’t grab the knife on Mr. Kaaay’s bedside table, should I need to defend myself.

I just lope out into the living room, and peer around a corner to see…Mr. Kaaay. He forgot his phone and his supervisor covered him to come get it. 

Thanks for the scare of a lifetime, dearest husband.

strange-new-classrooms asked:

Top six songs

This one is hard! I like music but I don’t live for it, so it’s hard to pick one favorite song, let along 6.

Let’s see, songs I currently dig:
1. Meghan Trainor- All About That Bass

2. Iggy Azalea- Black Widow

3. Charli XCX- Boom Clap

5. John Legend- All of Me

6. Paramore- Ain’t It Fun

(Yeah, that’s pretty top 40 centric. Don’t care)

thesecretb asked:

Top six favorite meals? :)

Salisbury steak, the hibachi steak at Ginza, Parmesan crusted chicken from Longhorn, spaghetti and meat sauce, oven baked subs, and anything Mr. Kaaay makes me when I’m too tired to cook.